Vanessa Campos’s Class
3-year olds

Aides: Diana Lara

Becky Johnson's Class
3-year olds

Aide: Veronica Garcia

Megan Wilhite's Class
3-4 year olds

Aide: Kimberly Arellano

Olga Salinas's Class
4-year olds

Aide: Ermelinda Mata

Aide: Stephanie Parra

Kristy Crutcher’s Class

Aide: Marlene Plascencia



Special Classes:

Ms. Scarborough and Ms. JoAnn will be doing music class on Thursdays.  We will present a Christmas program in December and an End of Year program in late May or Early June.

Ms. Nanette Phillips is our art teacher.  After teaching art at Ireland Elementary for 29 years, she has become part of the Kiddie Kollege staff.  Ms. Phillips teaches art to all Kiddie Kollege students on Wednesday.

Ms. Jamie Langford from Mission Odessa comes on Tuesday to teach our Bible Story class.  Ms. Langford teaches stories from both the old and new testaments and also leads the children in Bible songs.

Children go to Stretch-n-Grow on Friday.  Ms. Betty Saloga is our Stretch-n-Grow teacher. She leads the children in a variety of fitness activities and teaches them about their body and how to keep it healthy.  

Ms. Marlina Scarborough is our librarian.  All students go to library on Monday where Ms. Scarborough will share her love of books with the children through story time.  Children will then have a time for book check-out and exchange.




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