Kiddie Kollege is amazing.  My daughter has been attending Kiddie Kollege for almost 2 years now.  She loves going to school there.  She has always enjoyed learning but they have helped her little brain blossom beyond our belief.  After a month of attending she was this new little person.  It has been a blessing to watch her grow and learn in such a great environment. Education is very important to us and to know that she is in a facility being run by a retired Kindergarten teacher who truly knows what all children need to be ready for Kindergarten is fantastic.  My husband and I gain comfort everyday knowing that when we drop her off she isn’t going to be sitting in a corner crying all day and not being comforted and not feeling secure.  This is something that happened at a previous care facility we had her in.  Instead she is in a safe, loving, fun, educational environment and building a strong educational foundation.  Kiddie Kollege has added new technology to the classrooms. Our daughter says her school has a library with all kinds of books she is going to learn how to read all by herself. So for any parents out there looking for a place to send your child, you have found it.  (Jeanette Smith, Odessa, TX)

My daughter has been attending Kiddie Kollege for 3 years, and we love everything about the place! She started going as soon as she was old enough to attend, and after months of screaming and crying every single morning at being left at school (2 different schools), it was AMAZING that after only 2 days of shyness, she actually looked FORWARD to going!! I was scared to death when the Patton's bought the place, worried about how things would change, and would she still love to go, but it was a needless worry! Starting with the very first informational meeting when they introduced themselves and shared with the parents their plans for the school, they have done nothing but impress me and my family. Their love for what they do shines in everything they pour into Kiddie Kollege and the care they give our children when they are there. Every change they have made and improvement they have invested in has been with our children in mind and they are amazing! Rest assured, when your kids are here, they are in excellent hands!  (Jennifer Johnson, Odessa, TX)

Three of my children have attended preschool at Kiddie Kollege and I believe they continue to improve their already exceptional school year after year. They offer state of the art technology to meet the learning needs of the children and ensure they are ready for kindergarten. The owner is a retired kindergarten teacher and is very knowledgeable about what the children need to know in order to excel when they enter kindergarten. Additionally all the staff is very friendly and involved with the children. They make sure the children are safe as well. The staff at Kiddie Kollege have done many improvements over the last several years to make the preschool even better. If  you are looking for a safe place for your child where they will have the perfect combination of learning and  fun, Kiddie Kollege is the place. (Athena, Odessa, Tx)

Kiddie Kollege is an exceptional learning environment where my child wants to go every day. We have no problems wanting our son to go to school because he always has fun and learns every day. He's been going to Kiddie Kollege for over 2 years now and he has grown far more than when he was attending another local, larger day care facility. He loves going to see his friends and especially loves all of his Teachers. The cost is very competitive when it comes to the "bigger" day care facilities in Odessa. This is the place to go if you want your children to have quality and quantity when it comes to learning. Mrs. Patton, the owner, is a retired Teacher and knows what children need to be ready for the beginning of school. She, as well as her staff, do an amazing job having children ready for the next challenge. We could not be happier or more excited to have our son going to Kiddie Kollege right now. In the past year, Kiddie Kollege has added technology that the children have the opportunity to use, including a SMARTBoard, projectors in all classrooms, document cameras and introducing children to power points. We are even more excited to have our youngest child going to Kiddie Kollege in a few more years when he turns 3 years old. We cannot wait to see what Kiddie Kollege will have available in the near future. (Chad, Odessa, Tx)


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